cAN yOu hEaR mE?

Claim your seat at the executive table by upleveling the conversation

You’re recognized as a top-notch leader of your department. You’re the go-to person for your function. You receive glowing performance reviews and feedback. Yet you can’t seem to break into the management ranks. Maybe you’re speaking the wrong language.

In this session you’ll learn the most basic yet most under-developed and under-leveraged skill in our professional arsenal: communications.

Great communicators speak the language of business. They adapt their message to their audience. And they claim their rightful seat at the executive table.


If you’re ready to turbocharge your marketing and transform your team into an efficient, effective and accountable center of excellence, call me. I look forward to helping you tackle the challenge!


  • Individual and group collaborations
  • Half- and full-day workshops
  • Employee training programs
  • Lunch-and-learn sessions
  • Customized speaking engagements

As an added incentive, special book discounts are available on quantity purchases by corporations, associations, universities, and others.

Learn to speak the language of business.
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Combine equal parts insight and agility, shake well, serve with a splash!


Combine equal parts insight and agility. Shake well. Serve with a splash!