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Making Marketing More Accountable

When discussing marketing metrics we often talk about “measuring what matters.” But how do you know what matters and to whom? Today’s “Flex” separates those marketing metrics that DO matter from those that DON’T, and why adopting an accountability mindset is key.  [Watch the video.] What are the marketing metrics that matter most to your […]

Moving Beyond Green

Armed with great tools and guidance, employees feel more knowledgeable and confident talking to your company’s sustainability goals. This week’s “Flex” examines the must-haves in your sustainability toolkit and why we need to move beyond green now. [Watch the video.]

Why Brand and Demand Can’t Get Along

In many companies, brand management and demand generation are driven by different individuals or teams. As budgets get squeezed, the arm wrestling for funding intensifies. Here are three strategies to integrate brand into demand activities and provide a more consistent conversation with customers. [Watch the video.]

Is Marketing Excellence an Oxymoron?

Is marketing excellence an attainable goal? Or does the term belong in the same camp as jumbo shrimp, plastic silverware, freezer burn and working vacation? Today’s “Flex” covers the 4 essential building blocks of marketing excellence and why building a high-performance culture is critical. [Watch the video.]


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Combine equal parts insight and agility. Shake well. Serve with a splash!